We are a coalition of Michigan citizens for wildlife conservation and protection who work to continue traditional policies in place for protecting and conserving native Michigan wildbirds and habitats through education and grassroots participation.

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Songbird? Gamebird? Is your vote counting?


After 99 years of protection in Michigan, millions of gentle mourning doves will now be shot and either maimed or needlessly killed. See dove shoot footage here.

On June 18, 2004, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm broke her promise and SIGNED the bill to remove the protected songbird status and allow the shooting of mourning doves in Michigan. Her sad choice to serve a fringe faction has betrayed voters and she knowingly has ignored the majority of Michigan citizens. Contrary to any "compromise" or "trial" spin
she may attempt to put on it, the technically flawed and purposefully divisive Act (PA 160) opens the entire state of Michigan to dove "hunting" - indefinitely.

With your participation and support, the citizens of Michigan can restore the shooting ban on this beloved backyard songbird. Concerned citizens, along with dozens of national and local conservation and humane organizations,  have come together through the Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting Ban. There is much to do and the doves need you! For more information on how you can help, go to www.StopShootingDoves.org.

Doves=Peace Not Targets. We are your educational resource, join us today to restore the Continued Protection of a traditional Songbird - Michigan's Bird of Peace. We welcome you and hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy the site and visit us often!

Do you have a dove or native songbird in need of help or rescue? CLICK HERE

The Songbird Protection Coalition

"Mourning Dove", Words & Music by Karen K. © 1998
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This site is a tribute to all of the individual citizens and groups who work together and individually to Save the Doves. Special thanks to all of the wonderful photographers who donated their work to make this website come to life with the mourning doves you are about to see.

The Songbird Protection Coalition gives thanks to all our generous supporters who have given of their time, talents, and treasure to make this important grassroots project possible. It is through these gifts that the SPC was formed and continues to provide the citizens of Michigan an effective educational resource to assist thousands to help save their protected mourning doves from becoming targets.

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